Preparing talks for bulk-uploading

If you have many talks to upload, Dharmaseed can upload the talks for you. For every talk to be uploaded, we ask that you provide:

1. An mp3 audio file of the recording

We prefer 64kbps to 96kbps mono .mp3 files, but can handle other bit-rates and stereo recordings if necessary. In general, we prefer to use the highest quality recordings you have available (we will downsample them if necessary). If all you have is .wav files, we can accept them as well.

File names can be arbitrary, they will be renamed to a standardized template by our system. MP3 tags are also not necessary, they will be added by our system based on the metadata (below).

2. The metadata for each talk in a CSV (comma-separated values) file

In order to enter the talk into our database, we will need a CSV file for each batch of talks with the following pieces of information ("fields") as column headers.

We can email you a sample CSV file to get started. Otherwise, here are the columns that should be included:

3. The metadata for each retreat

If you'd like us to create the retreats for you, we will need the following information for each retreat:


Sending us your files for uploading

1. Via mail

Please place your files on CD or DVD media and contact us at for our postal address.

2. Via filesharing

a) Upload to a file-sharing service like WeTransfer, Dropbox, Box, etc, and send us a link

b) Making your files available to us through an FTP server: If you have the capability of placing your finished .mp3 and .csv files on an FTP or HTTP server, we can fetch them directly. In this case please email us the URLs and any account name and password necessary for access.

Thank you for contributing your talks to !