Labeling auto-uploaded talks

Processing Automatically Uploaded Talks

As of this writing, Spirit Rock, Insight Meditation Society, Cambridge Insight, New York Insight, and the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies have Marantz PMD580 and Marantz DN-700R MP3 recorders that will upload their recordings directly to These instructions show how to process those recordings and make them available on the Dharmaseed website.

Processing Steps

  • Whenever a connected Marantz makes a recording it is uploaded to a web-inaccessible repository on where it awaits labeling.
  • Within an hour of the end of the recording (longer for certain centers) email is sent to appropriate staff members indicating that recordings are waiting to be labeled:
  • Clicking on the provided link takes you to login screen where you should log in with your Dharmaseed staff account:
  • After logging in you will be shown the list of talks for your center that need to be labeled:
  • Click on the ID number of the talk that you wish to label, this will bring you to the talk change page where you will label the talk and save it:

Labeling Steps

There are 8 steps to labeling a talk:

  1. Moving the talk from the "Awaiting Labeling" to "Web Site"
  2. Setting the teacher
  3. Setting the title
  4. Setting the retreat (always check whether the pre-selected retreat is correct)
  5. Setting whether the talk is publicly available to everyone or to retreatants-only.
  6. Setting the talk's description field, if any.
  7. (Optionally) listening to the audio to make sure you're labeling the right talk.
  8. Saving the labeling changes you've made:

After saving your labeling changes the talk will be available on the Dharmaseed website.

Editing the Automatically Uploaded Audio Files

In cases where a talk needs to be edited before it can be published, the talk's audio file may be downloaded to your PC by clicking on the filename link shown on the Talk Change page:

Edit the audio file as needed, then click "Choose File" to select the completed audio file on your PC:

Then click the save button to upload your edited file to the website: